By Anna Reed
Artist Statement:
In our media-saturated world the boundaries between what is lived and what is only observed blurs. We continuously post and share more, making the precious mundane and the mundane precious.   This work questions the urge of more.  What is the result and what is the residue?  How do we contain what is left after?
Anna Reed is an artist whose work addresses the themes of identity, posthumanism, fragmentation, and the boundaries of the virtual space.  She often uses her body as source images.  Created from Xerox, scans, and other low-fi devices creating an intimate performance between human and the machine.  The physical body confronts the screen and pushes the boundary of human, device, and the virtual.  Her works exist in multiple forms; layered, collaged, printed, virtual, or projected creating a complexity between what exists digitally and what is physical.  She lives in Chicago and is currently finishing her MFA at Maryland Institute College of Art.  Her work has been exhibited in the Chicagoland area, where she currently teaches and is the Digital Gallery Director for ArtConnected. 

Instagram: @annaoreed