Created for HATAK
By Billy Friebele

Statement on the work:
The attic is the ideal environment for moths, who thrive in warm, humid climates.  In this work, I tried to capture the embodied experience of a moth – spiraling around a light source, mapping the attic, while
smelling and tasting the wood surfaces with its thousands of finely tuned receptors. The moth population is currently surging due to rising temperatures from our carbon emissions. Moth fossils have been discovered that may be more than 190 million years old. This little being, hiding out in our warm attics, outlives us all.

Billy Friebele is an interdisciplinary artist working in the Washington, DC region. Through hybrid combinations of physical forms and digital processes, he explores the space between technology, humans, and the natural world.  Friebele has exhibited at the Baltimore Museum of Art, the Orlando Museum of Art, the Art Museum of the Americas, the Katzen Center for the Arts, and the Kreeger Museum, and other venues nationally and internationally. He earned an MFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art. Billy Friebele is an Associate Professor of Art at Loyola University Maryland.

Instagram: @freebill