Below Deck
Created for HATAK
By Dianne Pappas

Artist statement on the work:
I was immediately drawn to the stairs at North Willow.  Where are they going?
The knitted object in this installation is called She’s on a Roll and is from a series that I began after reading Moby Dick and learning to knit (not in conjunction with one another). However, the act of knitting reels in the expansive and limitless response to Melville’s epic read.

Dianne Pappas is a visual artist who creates objects and installations.  Using utilitarian materials, she creates experiences for her viewers that elicit play, vulnerability and the feminine. The underpinning of her studio practice is built through decoding systems, parsing language, and highlighting the dismissed and imperfect.

After receiving her BA in Mathematics from​ Smith College in 1987, Pappas worked in management consulting for more than a decade before pursuing art full-time. She received her MFA in Studio Art from Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) in 2012.  Most recently she has shown at the Fitchburg Art Museum in MA, the virtual AREACODE art fair in Boston, and the Linda Hummel-Shea Artspace at Northern Essex Community College in MA. Pappas is currently collaborating with sculptor and fellow MICA alumna, Nikki Moser on a visual response to their read of and research on Moby Dick.
Instagram: @diannepappas