Created for HATAK
By Karine Falleni

About the work:
Having a passion for indoor spaces, this project was especially interesting to me.
My intention with the stairwell was to bridge its existing structural characteristics with my mark. The attempt was to transform it, not to a place of unrecognizable, but one where we can see a pairing of both original structure and new presence. The outcome is a new entity where both share an equal role in the final composition.
Karine Falleni completed her undergraduate studies at the School of Visual Arts in NYC and her Master’s Degree at Stony Brook University. Falleni’s work is a documentation of her interaction and movement within built spaces. , Working with what is already there to inspire the work, she is interested in joining the two together through mark making and further exploring how the body responds and reacts to architectural structures. Her practice ranges from installation to works on paper.
Falleni has exhibited her works nationally and internationally including the Islip Art Museum, Tucson Museum of Art and MOCA Tucson.

website: https://www.kfalleni.com
instagram: karinefalleni