The window to the ocean
Created for HATAK
By Kiana Honarmand

About this work:
To me, the ocean is a great source of inspiration. It represents the journeys of water and people throughout history.  These vast waters are pathways and barriers, simultaneously connecting and separating people and places. The Window to the Ocean provides a place to view the waves which bring stories of other people and places.

About the artist:
Kiana Honarmand is an artist born and raised in Iran. Her work addresses issues related to her cultural identity, violation of women's rights in Iran, censorship, surveillance, and the Western perception of the Middle East. Derived from her interest in different materials and processes, Kiana’s interdisciplinary practice features the use of digital fabrication tools as well as traditional methods of craft. In 2012, Kiana moved to the United States to pursue and complete her Master of Fine Arts degree. She currently lives and works in the Bay Area. Her work has been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions throughout the United States and Internationally.