“Flow 01” 
"Flow 02"
Created for HATAK 
By Mariejon de Jong-Buijs

About the work:
The playfully placed images that are pictured here in the spaces are parts of a series of paintings currently in progress. In real life the paintings are 87 x 197 Inch and the painted strokes are applied with a rough roller. Looping with the paint-soaked roller, along the canvas, from left to right and top to bottom, each stroke is applied. The work is very time-consuming and labor-intensive, it involves a lot of physical effort. The intensive and repetitive sequences of actions create a certain flow. This series 'flow' refers to the flowing water. Water never stands still and it always moves differently, water can be devastating and beautiful.
About the artist:
Mariejon de Jong-Buijs focusses on monumental paintings, folds and unfolds the fabric as she paints fields of color. The expanded works are gigantic structures to capture the vast wealth of impressions. Fragments of transportable time and place; a time capsule with pieces of her life. 
She holds a BA in art from The Netherlands and an MFA from the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Basel, Northwestern of Switzerland. In 2019 she participated in the Immigrant Artist Program at the New York Foundation for the Arts. Her work has been shown internationally, including the USA, France, The Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland and other countries. Mariejon de Jong-Buijs is a Dutch artist based in Basel, Switzerland. 

IG: @m.dejong.buijs