Created for HATAK
By Mic Diño Boekelmann

About the artist:
Mic was uprooted and replanted in Germany, Israel and finally the US, where she received a BA from UC Berkeley. She is inspired by the vibrancy and strength of the Filipino culture and uses Abacá and its iterations to celebrate her multi-layered experiences.  Her visuals incorporate the Manila envelope, which was originally made from Manila hemp or abacá. This was inspired by her mother’s memories of growing up in Bicol where she saw workers process abacá fibers. 
Her work has been shown at the Salmagundi Club, Allied Artists of America, Phillips Mill, Princeton Public LIbrary, Trenton City Museum and Sardenhaus Munich. Mic has been awarded the Sustainable Arts Foundation Fellowship, the Chautauqua Visual Arts Residency and was accepted to the NYFA Immigrant Artist Program and Creative Capital Professional Development Program. Her works are part of the permanent Campus Collection at Princeton University. As an educator, incubator and facilitator, she co-leads PAD (Princeton Artist Directory) and NExSE (Northeast by Southeast - a Filipino American Artist Collective). Mic lives and works in Princeton, New Jersey where she runs The Orange Door an artist-run space for exhibitions, panel discussions and artist retreats.

IG: @micboekelmann
IG: @theorangedoor.us