Created for HATAK
By Francis Estrada

About this work:
Panaginip is a Tagalog word meaning “dream”.  These 3 videos show how our live/work spaces can toggle between physical and imagined worlds.  During this current pandemic, I have found myself working on new and experimental projects from my home– often creating imagined contemporary realities based on historic events.  For HATAK, I wanted to transform the North Willow Attic into a space where the videos serve as portals that link the past to the present.  

About the artist:
Francis Estrada was born in the Philippines and currently lives in Brooklyn, NY. He is a visual artist with a fine arts degree in painting and drawing from San Jose State University and works as a museum educator, freelance art educator, and traditional Filipino martial arts instructor. In his work, he interrogates how visual cues found in historical photographs, mass media, political propaganda, and personal archives influence or inflect social or cultural narratives. By playing with the presentation of allusive (often figural) imagery, he creates a space that is uncannily recognizable yet opaque.  As figuration is understood to derive meaning from its varying distances from naturally occurring forms, or reality, it holds special meaning in constructing personal and social histories. His objective is to play with the nature of that correspondence.

Instagram: @francisestrada1 
Facebook: facebook.com/francisestrada1 (Francis A D Estrada)