“Bahay kubo shedding light on the Bayou”
Created for HATAK
By Jevijoe Vitug

Artist statement on the work:
"When I saw the wooden structure and shape of North Willow attic space, it instantly reminds me of "bahay kubo" - an indigenous stilt house in the Philippines, which also the same structural feat built by Manilamen in St. Malo, Louisiana, US in 1760s and probably known today as the first Asian American settlement. Using a mobile app, I made this digital sketch of bahay kubo over an image of North Willow space to capture a sense of immediacy and also uncertainty. Those bahay kubo on the bayou and Filipino owned/founded art spaces such as North Willows are testament of risk taking, perseverance and courage, shedding light on how Filipinos survived and will survive in an uncertain world."

About the artist:
Jevijoe Vitug is a Philippine born artist whose project-based work ranges from painting, performance and community events often touches on the notion of reinvention and reconnection through various mash-ups. He draws on his experience as a working class immigrant of color to uncover hidden truths and forgotten histories. He received his B.F.A degree from St. Scholastica’s College, Manila, Philippines and M.F.A. dual degree from San Francisco Art Institute in California, USA. His work has been exhibited in the United States as well as in the Philippines, Denmark, Germany, Australia, Japan, Singapore and New Zealand. (bio by