a wave and a particle, a portal and a ghost
Created for HATAK
By Ivia Sky Yavelow

Artist statement on the work:
I decided to approach the Attic images as both material and space.  These works are made by copying, moving, and duplicating areas of light seen in photos of the Attic.  Looking at the photos of the "empty" space, my eye was drawn to the color and texture of light spilling in from windows and created by interior fixtures.  With no "art" to illuminate, these areas of light inhabit the space themselves.  Light becomes form.  Some of these works include photographs of mirror shards as well, reflecting hints of light and forms from other spaces.

About the artist:
Ivia Sky Yavelow studied visual art at Bard College (BA 2014) and the New York Studio School.  In 2015, she was awarded a Visual Artist Fellowship from the Edward F. Albee Foundation and completed a residency at their William Flanagan Memorial Creative Persons Center in Montauk, NY.  She currently lives, works, and creates in the tri-state area.  Yavelow has exhibited at locations including ArtWorks, New Hope Arts, Arts Council of Princeton, All Art Works, Spillway Collective, Atwater Gallery, WWAC, New York Studio School, and the Trenton City Museum.  
She creates process and concept based multi-media works range from installations to freestanding sculptures and works on paper.  Her practice is centered on how humans exist in relation to unknowns, with basis in architecture, physics, and the act of mark making.  Her work has won awards in exhibitions at the New York Studio School and the Trenton City Museum.  In addition to her studio practice, Yavelow curates and collaborates with other artists and performers.

Instagram: @iviasky