Created for HATAK
By Steve Kelly

Notes from the artist:
"Since moving to LA, one of the visual aspects of the city that I love besides the sun and palm trees is the amount of classic advertising tactics that still exists. Walls and store fronts are caked with concert posters. And the telephone poles are covered with more locally based fliers for dog walkers and hypnosis. Strangely enough, it is a welcomed change from the garbage scams that are constantly bombarding my phone. The worst of advertising is in our hands 24/7. However, I feel there is nothing to be done about it. We’ve gone too far.  So, if I had a choice of how I wanted my scams to be presented to me, I choose the old-fashioned way."

FOLLOW ME NOW (a poem of sorts)
Sign up now and get more followers than Jesus Christ.
Side effects include head explosion, death-dick, random electrocution, sporadically setting of fire while walking down the street.
Just one drop a day and you’ll look like this guy who’s undoubtedly better looking than you.
Read my book and you will be a millionaire in two weeks. 100% money back guaranteed but we all know that even if it doesn’t work (which it won’t) you are too lazy to send the book back. I also have a cure for laziness. Follow me.
I was a loser just like yourself once. I wasn’t, but let’s just say I was because otherwise you won’t buy these pills. Follow me.
Live a longer, happier life by listening to someone on the internet.
Buy this book. It doesn’t say anything.
Follow me and you won’t die but we all die so what I’m selling you is useless. But PLEASE FOLLOW ME NOW.
I’m more successful than you, I’m better looking than you, and I have more sex than you. So, for the love of God, FOLLOW ME NOW!!!
Steve Kelly was born in New Jersey and attended the Fashion Institute of Technology, receiving a B.F.A in 2012.  His body of work ranges from bold, abstract collages to large scale figurative oil paintings.  Both distinct styles evoke similar emotions.  While using bright colors and images from popular culture, Kelly’s work is a comment on the absurdity of everyday life and modern trends.  In 2015, Steve co founded an artist organization called Art & Prozak.  Art & Prozak is a traveling collective of artists who produce and curate art exhibitions throughout New Jersey and New York.  Steve Kelly is the head curator and featured “house artist” of the events.  Since 2015, the collective has produced multiple shows a year, featuring many new artists.  In 2018, the collective was asked to set up a four-day exhibition for the Newark Arts Festival.  The festival displayed works from eighteen different artists of all mediums.  In 2020, the town of Montclair, New Jersey, launched a program to promote art during the corona virus lockdown.  The town’s landlords and store owners donated their unused windows to local artists to display their work.  Kelly was given an entire vacant store front, in which he created an immersive installation entitled It’s Over. Aside from producing and exhibiting work, Kelly spends the rest of his time making commissioned work for clients.

IG: @stevekellyart